custom-made dresses adola lucescu


My dear, although we live in a world that happens more online rather than offline, the fact is … when it comes to clothes, each woman wears the clothes that best suite her body and size.

On Social Media or on TV, we often see other women wearing outfits that look amazing on them. But would they look the same on us? Sometimes no.

Why? Because we are all different. And I bet at least once you thought about a dress that will make you look perfect but could not find it on stores. Or maybe it was too expensive for you to afford it. That’s why we create custom-made dresses, to make sure every women has a perfect fit dress.


I’m a woman and I know how it feels like.

That’s why I created a custom-made dresses service, for every woman that wants to look perfect on a certain dress. Together with a team of professionals, with golden-hands, and thousands of materials and textures, we made a lot of women happy. And we proudly keep on doing it.

Just tell us what kind of model you wish and we will create it. With our own materials, irreproachable execution and expert advice.

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